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Global Website Delivery with AI driven Security

Web Application Firewall

Defends your website and APIs from a range of attacks including zero-day threats and data theft.

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Global CDN Service

Makes your website lighting fast with our content delivery platform and offer amazing experience to customers.

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Managed DNS Service

Improves website reliability, loading time and security with our fully managed anycast DNS network.

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Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Digital Ocean
Huawei Cloud

Edgeo leverages multiple cloud platforms for hyper local content caching, reliable delivery and attack mitigation at source

Edgeo Working

How it Works

Identifying the best route

Based on geography and latency, Edgeo chooses the best route to direct customer traffic via its multi-cloud infrastructure to your web servers

Static & Dynamic Content Caching

All web requests are routed through a multi-CDN platform for delivering content faster from stored cache

Blocking DDoS Attacks at Origin

DDoS attacks are blocked at ingress of Edgeo infrastructure. Attacks eminating from a specific region are routed to the nearest PoP - thereby localizing the attack without affecting other users

Proxy requests through Application Firewall

All customer requests are routed through our Web Application Firewall running as a reverse proxy. Only legitimate requests are forwarded to the web servers

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